The Data Acquisition System provided by Na Solid and integrated on our test separators, provide all flowing system parameters using accurate sensors placed on key points of Well Test Process
The system consists of :
- Various sensors mounted upstream of the choke manifold and on the separator itself and on the second stage separator.
- Multicore cable reels for connecting the various sensors to the main terminal block
- Multicore cable from the terminal block to the data logger (generally in a lab container)
- The data logger :
- Collects and integrates the signals
- Interfaces with the client provided PC and monitor, thanks to purpose designed software, in order to provide a conventional integrated Well test Report

The main characteristics:
- Intrinsically Safe system with safety bariers. Interfaces with a Windows based operating system
- The normal system for basic well testing is a 16 channel data logger but can be extended to be used for other applications (EPF etc) with added features such as alarms, shutdowns etc
- Analogue transducers are installed upstream of the choke manifold to indicate :
- Well head pressure
- Well head temperature
- Annulius pressure
- Transducers installed on separator to indicate:
- Pressure (static and differential) - analogue
- Temperature - analogue
- Liquid flow (oil density water density oil temperature water temperature oil mass flow ,water mass flow)
- Variables : gravity (oil & gas), shrinkage / meter factors can be input via the software thus various reports formats can be generated along the test
The system calculates and generates the complete report with:
- gas flow
- corrected oil flow
- water flow
- cumulative figures
Manual text inputs can be made for significants events such as: choke bean size changes, changes in operations etc.