The Na Solid HSE Management System (HSEMS) defines the principles by which we conduct our operations worldwide with regard to the health and safety of our employees, customers, contractors and communities where we work and to the protection of the environment. Throughout Na Solid's worldwide operations, the HSEMS emphasizes risk identification and forthright communication through job safety analyses, process hazard reviews, HSE inspections and assessments and emergency planning so that preemptive actions can be implemented to prevent or mitigate injuries or environmental incidents.

The HSEMS also provides tools for managers and employees to recognize HSE risks in their areas of responsibility. These risks undergo rigorous analysis to identify, prioritize and implement appropriate mitigation measures that are designed to improve performance.
The HSE Management System model comprises nine interrelated components:

1. Leadership, Policies and Objectives
2. Organization and Resources
3. Hazards and Risk Management
4. Operations
5. Incidents Investigation and Analysis
6. Crisis and Emergency Management
7. Contractors and Suppliers Management
8. Performance Monitoring and Improvement
9. Community and Stakeholders
HSE Policy