Na Solid’s wireline equipment fleet offers both mechanical (slickline) and electric line service capability; including both truck and skid-mounted wireline units, truck-mounted cranes, braided line with grease injection equipment for swabbing and heavy wireline work, and e-line conveyed downhole data acquisition services.

All of our wireline units come fully-tooled and equipped. We also have the latest in high pressure (10,000 psig X 4 1/2 in.), light-weight pressure control systems, including hydraulic triple-ram multi -line seal BOP.

- Tandem Axle Dual-Drum Combination Wireline Unit On Navistar International 7600 Series Chassis
- Capacity For Three Wirelines: Two Slicklines On Front Split-Drum (0.108", 0.125"), One Eline or Braided Line (7/32") On Rear Second Drum
- Slickline Drum Comes With 20” Core To Minimize Wear On Lines Installed. Drum Has Capacity For Two Lines Each Maximum Size 0.125” x 25,000 feet
- Eline Drum Comes With 18” Core And Capacity for One Line Of 1/4 ” x 25,000 feet Braided Line
- Both Drums Use Funk 4-Speed Transmissions and Closed-Loop Sauer Series 90 Hydrostatic Drives Powered From Truck PTO. Drum Drives Offer Excellent Speed Range From Less Than 3 m/min Through Greater Than 600 m/min and Strong Pulling Power Exceeding 8000 lbs.
- Depth Measuring Head Triple-Grooved For Use With Wrap-Around Slicklines, 0.108 and 0.125, As Well As 7/32” Size Wireline. Head Comes With Mechanical Depth and Electronic Depth and Speed.
- Weight Indicator Systems, 0-2000 lb, and 0-5000 lb Are M/D Totco Hydraulic-Type For Simplicity And Reliability
- 10 kW Hydraulic-Driven Generator PTO, Powered From Truck Engine.
- Operator´s Cabin Fully Insulated, Heated, and Air Conditioned. Twin A/C units for Redundancy in extreme ambient conditions (desert)
- Operator´s Cabin Includes All Controls For Unit Operation, Including BOP System, Grease System, and Drawworks By Winch Operator From Operator´s Chair Overlooking Drawworks
- Operator´s Cabin Also Includes Extra Seating and Desk Area For Logging Engineer
- 10,000 psi On-Board Grease Injection System Includes Two Tank-Mounted Grease Pumps: One Air, One Hydraulic; Both Controlled By Winch Operator. Two Supply Hoses On Wet-Centered Hydraulic Powered Hose Reels. Return Hose Stored On Hydraulic-Powered Reel
- 10 Gallon Accumulator System For Remote Operation Of Hydraulic BOP Actuators. Accumulator Automatically Fills Using Hydraulic Pump Truck-Powered. System Includes One Wet-Centered Hydraulic-powered Hose Reel and One Auxilliary Bulkhead Connection For Operation Of Tandem BOPs
- Ample Storage For 3” BOP, Lubricator, Slickline Tools, Hand Tools, Sheaves, Rig- up Equipment, ELine Tools, etc··· Everything Normally Needed To Get The Job Done. A Self-Contained Workshop For Field Operations
- Excellent Lighting Both Inside And Outside Including Exterior Compartments For Operation Around the Clock When Required Hydraulic Systems and Tank Properly Sized And Includes Two Hydraulic Oil Coolers For Redundancy To Ensure Systems Operation In Temperature Extremes