Na Solid Provides full service capability for all types of slickline-conveyed BHP and downhole flow-control equipment. Our wireline service fleet includes skid-mounted wireline units and fully-equipped wireline service vans, along with truck-mounted cranes.

Our mechanical wireline services also include braidedline (7/32"), with grease injection pressure control system for heavy fishing and swabbing operations.
Na Solid's combination wireline service vans come equipped with both 7/32" mono-conductor electric line for real-time BHP and PLT service applications; along with either 0.108" or 0.125"slickline for mechanical service needs. All Na Solid wireline service units come supplied with a wide selection of tools and equipment to ensure our readiness to achieve successful results.
To view examples of available wireline equipment systems and services, please select from the images shown below.